EV Charging

We have a J1772 universal EV charger, on a dedicated 50A circuit (NEMA 14-50) which provides ‘Level 2’ charging at 32A. This is similar to many public charging stations, and is the most common EV charging plug port. Tesla has a J1772 to Tesla adapter as their charge port is unique. (Adapter not included; usually comes with the car).

We have EV charging freely available to our guests, but for security and practical reasons, we keep the equipment stored in our locked outdoor service access room. (Step by step instructions below).

IMPORTANT: Despite being on a dedicated circuit, it is not advised to use EV charging while using either the oven, dryer, or air conditioner.

Instructions for use:

  1. Retrieve the key: The key for the outdoor service access room is kept in the bathroom, under the sink, hanging on the inside of the  toilet paper dispenser. (Please replace it in this exact location after use!)
  2. The service room is outside, ground level, around the corner, left of the front door (when looking directly at the front door from the driveway. The large exterior electrical panel is right beside the door to the service room. Walk around the driveway, under the front door to access this. Unlock the door with the key; leave unlocked, please put the key back.
  3. There are two cords included in the EV Charging setup; the charger with its own cord (in pictures) plus a NEMA 14-50 heavy duty extension cord. The extension cord is hanging on hooks on the LEFT side of the service room. The J1772 charger cord is hanging on RIGHT side of the service room.
  4. Plug the NEMA 14-50 extension cord into the NEMA 14-50 outlet, also located inside the service room by the cord hanger, on the immediate left, inside the door. Stretch out this cord to the driveway; leave the end up on the wooden deck. The extension cord will come out the service room door; leave the service room door open.
  5. Take the J1772 charger cord with you. Walk back around the driveway under the front door.  On the driveway, plug the charger into the extension cord, and the J1772 end into your vehicle.
  6. IMPORTANT: This model of charger has 3 levels of charge: 8A, 16A, 32A. After your car is plugged in, check that the display reads 32A for fastest charging. To switch between these levels, you need to physically tap / shake the charger with the display (really!). If it is not, simply shake the box back and forth and it will cycle through. These instructions are direct from the manufacture and printed on the back of the charger.
  7. When finished charging, please replace the cords exactly where they were, and close and lock the service room door.